MNB’s First Post

Welcome my fellow cooks, bakers, hikers, yogis, wanderers, health-seekers!


I want to take this time to thank anyone reading this and welcome you to my blog. I’ve been throwing around the “I’d love to start a blog” phrase for about 2 years now, and decided to make it my 2017 resolution…because I totally think people care about what I have to say, duh.

I’m nervous, excited, anxious, and ecstatic that I took this chance. I thought my first post should be a mini intro, letting you know what to expect here on Miss Nature Baker.

I wouldn’t say food is a passion of mine, it’s a love. As is family, fitness, beauty, and adventure. But together, these loves make my passion: health. It took me a few years to figure out this philosophy, and I’m not even sure if I have it down yet, but so far it makes sense to me.

This blog is a place for me to share my passion. Therefore, you’ll see an array of posts ranging from vegan meals, to DIY face masks. Paleo friendly snacks, to my weekly workouts. But nobody’s perfect, including myself. So I won’t hold back. I’ll share my cheat meals, my nowhere-near-healthy nacho recipes, all that good stuff.


Life is about balance. Health is about balance.

Health is a journey, not a race. I’m constantly learning, constantly changing, and I want to share that journey.

Also…I’m no pro. I’ve never taken a cooking class in my life! Well, as of right now I haven’t, so expect to hear about some disasters. Many food blogs and YouTube channels make it look so easy, but anyone who has tried to imitate that 4 layer watercolor buttercream cake knows, it’s never that simple. I won’t hide my mistakes from you. I won’t start over. I’ll show you all the ugly details, and we’ll learn together how to work through it. One of the best cakes my family claims I’ve ever made was a complete and total failure. Everything I imagined came out wrong. I carried the cake to the living room with the birthday candles in full affect with tears rolling down my face. How could the amazing masterpiece I imaged in my head come out so terrible? Well, it’s still talked about as one of the best tasting endeavours I’ve ever presented. Don’t stress and have fun with it, that’s what I learned that day.

Talk to you soon!


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