Black Charcoal & Aloe Vera Deep Cleaning Acne Face Mask

Ahhh the relaxing feeling of a face mask. I can’t be the only one out there that’s certifiably obsessed with face masks…right?!

They’re just so versatile you can seriously target any skin issue with a mask. Acne, dullness, texture, wrinkles, dryness, oil production, EVERYTHING. 

At first I thought I’d share my favorite face masks with you guys, but then decided I’d follow a share as I go strategy.

image2 (2)

My skin has its ups and downs, and its fair share of bad days. So I’ll keep you all posted on what masks are in my arsenal at any given time and how they’re helping me.

Right now, my skin is feeling clogged, large pored (is that a real phrase??), and slightly blemished. I’ve had a few weekends in a row that required a full face of makeup which includes a whole bunch clogging products seeping into my skin for hours at a time. For these times, I whip out 3 very specific ingredients:

Activated Charcoal – can bind to unwanted toxins in your skin including dirty, grease, grime, and bacteria. Due to this, it’s used to draw out any impurities leaving cleaner, smoother skin (1)

Aloe Vera – with strong anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is always good to include in general skin care. It’s moisturizing abilities does an excellent job balancing out any dryness that can occasionally be caused by activated charcoal. Antibacterial and antiseptic properties also help fight acne causing bacteria as well (2)

Tea Tree Oil– With such a high amount of anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits, Tea Tree Oil is a major player in the acne game. Besides in face basks I’ll use it directly on a pimple whenever I have a breakout (3)


There’s one downside to this face mask. Activated charcoal is such a fine powder, it’s rarely if ever sold in pure powder form. So, you’re probably going to have to buy the capsules and pull them apart to get the powder out. Not that hard, just time-consuming. I’ve gotten my capsules at places like Whole Foods and even CVS, just go to the vitamins aisle and take a look.

The Aloe Vera gel and tea tree oil are super easy to find. I have a tea tree oil from The Body Shop, but you can seriously buy it ANYWHERE essential oils are found (beauty stores, Whole Foods, Amazon, etc). The aloe gel I’m using currently is from CVS and was literally maybe $3.99!

This mask is uber black and dries pretty quickly. I like to throw it on 15 minutes before heading into the shower. Surprisingly, it rubs off very easily and takes minimal scrubbing.

image1 (6)


1 tsp of activated charcoal (about 5 opened capsules)
drops of tea tree oil – 3 drops for sensitive skin, 6 drops for less sensitive skin, 9 drops for acne prone skin that rarely irritates
1/2 tbsp aloe vera gel


  1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well until a paste is formed
  2. Using your finger or a brush, spread the paste all around your face avoiding the eye area
  3. Leave to dry for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water






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