2 Flights in 48 Hours: A Complexion’s Nightmare

Let me 2 weeks of constant travelling begin….yay? I think.

Alright so I’m currently in Knoxville, Tennessee for work. It’s hot. Hot and humid. MY FAVORITE. I flew down Monday night, and am flying back tonight. That’s a lot of air time in a very short amount of time. And let me tell you now, airplanes are not a friend to your skin.

To top it off, I fly to Minneapolis next Wednesday for work, again. Add on top of that a flight to Las Vegas Friday morning for my sister’s bachelorette (YAY!!), and a red-eye home Sunday night from Vegas to Newark.

Counting a layover, that’s 6 flights in 14 days. And of course, at the very end of these 14 days, I’ll be wanting flawless skin while dancing my life away in Vegas.

First off, that dry cabin air basically sucks all the moisture right out of your skin. When your skin dries out, it may start to overcompensate. So some people might start to notice an over production of oil.

Next issue is the altitude. High altitudes causes a decrease in bloodflow to the skin, in particular your face, and that’s probably causing the dull, “glowless” look you might have when you step off your flight.

Don’t forget the stress. Very few people can make their way through an airport with ZERO moments of panic, frustration, or even anxiety. Come on, nothing ever goes perfect when traveling. This stress can cause the release of certain hormones that are directly related to redness, puffiness, and the onset of certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

I have a couple tricks and tips I’ve worked out over the years to help combat some of the skin issues one can face while traveling:

  1. Pre flight prep – I basically treat the 24 hours before a flight the same as I do with a hot yoga class. I drink as much water as possible! Seriously I will have a filled bottle with me at all times and makes sure I’m fully hydrated before stepping foot on that airplane. Going in dehydrated can not only cause your skin to look worse, but it’s seriously harmful to your health!!
  2. During the flight – Look, everyone wants to look their best. But a lot of makeup out there is pretty drying. Go for a BB or CC tinted moisturizer if you really want, but I try to avoid a lot of makeup while flying. I also never get on a flight without a huge bottle of water, usually bought in the terminal. For any flight longer than 3 hours, I don’t take any risks and will use a moisturizing mask right on the flight. This is my favorite since it goes on clear and slowly absorbs into the skin: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Maskimage1 (8)
  3. What to eat – those salty snacks airlines offer might be tasty, but the added sodium increases water retention. Bring on the puffiness. No thanks! I opt for fresh fruit which you can usually find in the terminal. If I need a full meal, I go for a prepackaged salad just to keep the vitamins and nutrients up. Also DON’T DRINK SODA ON A FLIGHT! There’s sodium, which we already discussed, but the carbonation will just make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.
  4. Post flight – go drink more water, asap. Then bask in the glory of a face mask. I like to go for an anti wrinkle and ultra hydrating hybrid. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I try to use this once a week regardless, but especially after traveling: TonyMoly Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Maskimage1 (9)
  5. Don’t forget your hair! – Your skin isn’t the only things that suffers from the dryness of an airplane cabin. Your shinny locks may show signs of dullness as well. I love to pack little travel sized hair masks or condition treatments so I can give my hair the TLC it deserves. I don’t have a specific go-to, I usually just grab what I have. For this trip, I tried Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment and have to say I’m quite the fan! I might have to stock up on these.
    image2 (3)Alrighty those are my tried and truest tips for surviving the moisture sucking elements of an airplane cabin. And just to share some personal experience, I got distracted in a really good book on my flight Tuesday night, and didn’t drink quite enough water as I should have. I’m STILL feeling the effects of dehydration. I refuse to make that same mistake tonight!

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