Current Favorites

Hey, hi, hola! Wow it’s been a while!!

I have seriously had one of the most busy Summers of my life. Probablyyyyy not the best time to start a blog. So many times I wanted to post but I knew I really shouldn’t start up again if I couldn’t give it the right attention. I’ve also gone through some changes in my health and fitness and wanted to sort that out before going back to meal posts and new recipes. I’m REALLY liking the idea of a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet. I’ve been playing around with it and I’m feeling great. You’ll definitely see that come through on some of the recipes I’ll be sharing.

So my absolute most favorite blog Half Baked Harvest has a collection of posts called “9 Favorite Things” which I love reading. It’s a cool way to learn new things and also get to know the writer a little more. I’d love to do something like that here, so I’m going with a casual “Current Favorites”. Super creative I know…

  1. Black and gold decorI’m not going to lie, I feel like my taste changes pretty often. There’s definitely a common theme throughout my decor style, but as I get older I definitely notice a change in preference. I’m currently digging black and gold decor for the bedroom. I found some pics on Pinterest that really caught my eye:Nice with gold and blackgorgeous use of black and gold against the white with a little pop of pink
  2. FroséThat’s right. Frozen Rosé. It’s refreshing and delicious, but be careful…it’s quite the hangover killer if you have too many. Here’s a recipe I found I’m dying to try at home:
  3. Nordstrom Anniversary SaleI shop this sale every. single. year. I’m a card holder at Nordstrom so I stock up on high quality pieces and conveniently opt for my yearly “triple point day” to really reap the benefits! I also like to buy some birthday and Christmas gifts at this sale. Nordstrom is so great with returns, I can buy my boyfriend shoes in July, give them to him for Christmas, and not have to worry if he needs to make an exchange. Here are some of my personal, non-gift, purchases from this year!

  4. Rocky Mountain National Park, ColoradoI spent a long weekend out in Colorado in July and we spent a day hiking in the Rocky’s. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Except the part when I realized my camera didn’t have a memory card sooooooo thank you God for iPhones. 

  5. HalloweenAm I already planning my costume? Yes, yes I am. I’m leaning towards my own take on the Mad Hatter. I’ve found some pics that are really inspiring me, but it needs some work!

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