My Top 3 Affordable Face Masks

Hey people!

How quickly did September go?! It’s kinda scary. I had all these plans for post ideas andddd things didn’t quite work out. Oh well, it’s a learning process right?! I’ve got some recipes to test out this weekend, so hopefully next week will have some exciting posts coming your way.

So let’s talk skincare. I cannot stress this enough…SKINCARE NEEDS DEDICATION!!!!!

It’s not something you can pick up here and there and expect to see results. Sorry Charlie, doesn’t work that way. It’s all about consistency and dedication. One part of skincare that I absolutely love is face masks!

Who doesn’t love to bring the spa home!?

Seriously they’re the s-h-i-t.

I’ve decided to pull together my top 3 favorite affordable face masks. I’ve also got a few high end favorites, but for the sake of this post we’re staying $15 and under.

In preferential order…

#3: SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Hot Steam Mask

Where to buy: Ulta
Cost: $13
Benefits: great for treating those super annoying blackheads, overproduction of oil, and removes dead skin

This mask is like a 2-in-1. It unclogs stubborn pores while exfoliating away the dead skin. It goes on nicely, a bit rough, but trust me that’s important. It warms up while you’re wearing it which is a nice touch and I find that it helps open up my mores so the mask can get in deep and do its magic. When I’m ready to wash it off I rub it into my skin for that extra exfoliation. Top notch in my book!


#2: SKINFOOD Marine Food Gel Mask

Where to buy: Amazon + Ulta
Cost: $5 at Ulta, Amazon unavailable at the moment

I literally just realized while typing this is the same brand as #3…oh well! Ok so this is seriously so hydrating I love it. As for a sheet mask, it’s easily the most hydrating one I’ve tried. That’s for a sheet mask, not most hydrating mask overall (worth noting). But yea it’s like giving your skin a massive glass of water.

ALSO! It’s more of like a gel face mask instead of paper and that makes it mold to your face soooooo much better than those massive paper sheet masks. I like to use the jellyfish mask because jellyfish extract helps your skin absorb collagen which is amazing for giving it that hydrated plump look, and is known for some anti-aging properties! I also love their pearl mask for when my skin needs some extra brightening.



#1: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Where to buy: Amazon
Price: $9
Benefits: so deep cleaning I can’t even describe it

I feel like I’m writing about the Holy Grail of skincare. THIS MASK IS EVERYTHING. Ok so it’s comes as a powder, bentonite clay to be exact, and you mix is equal parts with either water or apply cider vinegar. If you’re sensitive, stick with water. I on the other hand have insanely tough skin, in the sense that literally nothing irritates it, so I go straight for the ACV. Mix it up in a non-metal bowl with a non-metal spoon to form a type of paste. Non-metal is important since metal is known to lesson the effects of bentonite clay. I feel like this stuff literally sucks the shit right out of your pores. My skin always looks clearest after using this mask ,which I make a point of doing at least once a week.

I spread it all over my face with a brush and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, until it’s almost completely dry. THIS WILL FEEL SUPER WEIRD SO DON’T WORRY! Seriously. It pulses and tightens on your face like crazy. Don’t freak out, that means it’s working. Also don’t stress if your skin is red afterwards, this will pass. I do recommend doing a test patch on your skin first to see how you react to it, you never know and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

IMG_1203IMG_1209*this is so tight I literally can’t move a single muscle in my face, hence creepy expression


And there you have it, my all time favorite affordable face masks. Give them a try and let me know what you think! Also please feel free to make suggestions of new masks I should try!

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