FriYAY Cocktail! Spicy Guava Margaritas

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

It’s looking to be such a beautiful Fall weekend in New Jersey. Seems like the temperature is finally going to dip down a bit and my thick long black hair and greasy skin is VERY  happy about this. Plus it’s time to celebrate Halloween!



So I made these margs a while back and totally forgot to post them!! I just found the pictures on my camera and raced to my computer to get this post up. They’re such a fun tropical drink that you can easily get all year round. I know they don’t seem very Fall-ish, no pumpkin or salted caramel here, but they’re super fun and the color is so gorgeous.

I think a key to this recipe was infusing the tequila with the jalapeno. It gives the drink sooooooo much flavor but won’t overpower the guava. Plus you can leave the tequila infusing for longer if you really want more spice, or just for a bit if you want a little less kick.



Perfect for a pregame at your place, an outdoor bbq, or a girls night! Give them a try and let me know what you think!!

makes 2 drinks

1/2 cup white tequila
1-2 jalapenos, sliced
4 oz fresh lime juice, plus a few slices for serving
4 oz Guava nectar, I use Goya which is found in most grocery stores
pink Himalayan salt for the rim


  1. In a small jar combine your tequila and 1 sliced jalapeno. I let mine sit in a dark cabinet for about a day. For maximum heat I’ve read letting it sit for up to a week works best! When you’re ready to use the tequila, pass it through a mesh strainer to get all the seeds out.
  2. Wet your glasses slightly around the rim and dip them into a bowl of your salt.
  3. In a jigger combine your tequila, lime juice, guava nectar, and ice. Give it a super good shake!
  4. Pour over ice in your glasses and enjoy!! Don’t be afraid to toss a few slices of jalapeno in each drink for extra flair



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